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Teeth Whitening at Worcester Street Dental

Teeth Whitening is the process by which our dentist will prescribe a course of treatment to help lighten and whiten your teeth form their current colour. Stains on teeth can be a real confidence sapping experience so Teeth Whitening can really lift your smile and give you confidence again.

Teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic treatment that can enhance your smile. It is essential to visit our Stourbridge Dentists if you are interested in a treatment for whitening your teeth. We will examine your teeth carefully to ensure they are healthy to be whitened. Our trained professionals will ensure your teeth are fit and healthy. If you have any dental problems (cavities, chips, cracks etc.), these will need treating before starting treatment. 

Once you have decided to undergo Teeth  whitening option, our dentist will take impressions of your teeth (upper/lower) then send them to the dental laboratories for the trays to be custom made. It should only take two weeks before the trays return from the lab.
We will provide you with custom-made trays, whitening gel and easy to understand instructions.
Your dentist will also show you how to use the trays. Then advise how much gel to put in each section and how long to wear the trays at a time.
After 14 days of whitening, we will book you back in for a whitening review.

Five steps to a new Brilliant smile 

Step 1 Checkup: Our Dentist will check over your teeth in practice to make sure your teeth are in good shape for treatment and ensure you are in tip-top condition before going ahead with treatment.

Step 2 Impressions: We will take custom made impressions for trays for your teeth to make sure these are sent to a specific lab to get a fully customised mouth tray ready for you

Step 3 Preparation Toothpaste: While the trays are at the lab, you will then do your preparation using the dedicated toothpaste to prepare your teeth ahead of the treatment

Step 4 Starting the whitening: – Collect your trays and then start the whitening process ( don’t worry, we will tell you how to do it and make sure you are confident to use it)

Step 5 Treatment course:  After two or three weeks, your new pearly whites will be ready to unveil – A New Smile and a New You with Worcester Street Dental

teeth before teeth whiteningteeth after teeth whitening