1) Free Consultation

The Invisalign journey to your dream smile starts at Stourcote Dental Practice in Stourbridge. On the day of your free consultation, one of our Invisalign providers or our experienced treatment coordinator will talk you through Invisalign. What is it? How does it work? What does the treatment involve? And how long does it take? Any questions or concerns will be answered during your consultation. Some images will be taken of your teeth, allowing our team to discuss in-depth how Invisalign could benefit you. We will also take a 3D scan of your teeth using our iTero scanner; this revolutionary piece of equipment will show you what your teeth could look like after your treatment and where your teeth have signs of wear.

2) ClinCheck 

The next step in your journey is to send your records to Invisalign so they can develop your bespoke treatment plan. We will already have the images of your teeth and your iTero scan; the only additional item we would need is a full mouth x-ray, which we can carry out on site.

3) Clincheck – Virtual Treatment Plan Review

 Around one week later, your ClinCheck will be ready. This is your virtual Invisalign treatment plan. You will come into the practice and see your Invisalign provider for this; they will spend around 30 minutes going through your bespoke treatment plan, showing you your predicted smile at the end of treatment. From this, we will also be able to tell you how many aligners you need; this will dictate how long your treatment will be. If you want to look into finance options, this can also be discussed with our reception team or treatment coordinator following your appointment with your Invisalign provider.

4) Braces / Invisalign Aligners

When you are ready to start your journey and all the finance is in order or a deposit has been paid, your Invisalign aligners can be ordered. Around two weeks later, they will have arrived at the practice and be ready to be fitted. You will have an appointment with your Invisalign provider; they will show you how to use your aligners and ensure that you are confident about starting your treatment. Your Invisalign provider will give you a few aligners and a starter kit to help you begin your treatment the right way. Once home, you will change your aligners every two weeks. Our treatment coordinator will call you a week after your fit appointment to ensure everything is going well, and she can then take the time to go through any questions you might have.

5) Check-ups 

Throughout your treatment, you will receive regular contact and appointments with our clinician, who will check that the outcomes are as expected according to the treatment plan and recommend any refinements that you might need in the future or during the treatment process. 

6) Teeth Whitening 

 Once you are settled and comfortable using your Aligners, we will provide you with X syringes of complimentary teeth whitening gel; your Invisalign Provider will explain the process and demonstrate how to use the whitening gel at home. We will ensure that you feel confident with the home whitening process before leaving the practice

7) Retainers 

Retainers are an ongoing part of your treatment to ensure that your teeth and smile maintain alignment. These will embed your teeth in the correct position to preserve your investment in your smile. You won’t have to wear these all the time, and overnight will be sufficient 

8 ) Follow up Care

Our Dentists will be on hand for follow up care and make sure that all the treatment given is preserved well. The two years of follow up care will make sure that those changes are here to stay 

Enjoy your new smile! 

Before WhiteningAfter Whitening